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Chipless cutting technology

• No expensive saw blades needed
• Longer blade life
• No material loss between cuts
• No chips – no need for deburring system
• No investment for chip handling system
• Biological lubrication – no need to wash before brazing
• Fast cycle time – ~3000 pieces / hour
• Cuts always exact 90° to the tube run
• Inline End Forming available after cutting (1–8 hits)
• Replaces the investment for one more production step
• Low operating noise level
• Waste minimizing and cut piece optimization systems
• Trusted: OMS has more than 500 TCC machine references globally


There are three different cutting methods available: Pull-apart, Through cut and Cut & Break.


The Pull-apart method is the most advanced cut-off method: first the cutting disk penetrates the tube wall by approximately 95%. The cut-length is then separated by pulling it apart. This eliminates or minimizes the I.D. reduction that could occur, if the blade was to completely cut through the tube wall.


The through cut method is the most fundamental method of cutting tubes by using rotary cutting disks. This method is used for cut lengths of 30 mm and longer by basic equipments. This method can be used in cases where some reduction in the internal diameter is acceptable.


OMS Rotary Cut-Off machines are automated tube cutting stations with many options. They can be configured with manual length adjustments, or with fully automatic length changes with integrated batch management system. Material can be fed from multiple coil systems as well as straight sticks with integrated rack loader. Also, there are many material handling attachments for sorting, batch management and scrap reduction.



  • • Heat exchanger applications
    • Air conditioning
    • Heating
    • Refrigeration
    • Solar technology
    • Automotive fuel and brake lines