• Shrinkless Tube Expander With Clamping Fixture

    OMS Shrinkless tube expander adopts multi-axis numerical control technology to achieve full automation of station conversion, workpiece height adjustment, expansion progress, and cup forming. High degree of automation, easy operation and reliable performance.

  • Automatic face Mask Making Machine

    The mask integrated machine is composed by 1 material loading device, 1 plane-type mask folding and forming device, 1 set of wire connection device and 2 elastic belt welding devices. It enables the mask ontology automatic forming, automatic adding strips, elastic belt welding, automatic counting and so on functions.

  • CNC tube integrated machine

    CNC pipe bending machine is an all-automatic equipment for air conditioning pipe distribution 3d molding, which can realize the straightening, sizing, no chip cutting, pipe opening molding, 3D pipe bending and the whole process automation.



OMS Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a High-Tech company, dedicated to the development and production of automatization, digitalization, and intelligentization equipment. Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, OMS employs 80 professional engineers, and is well equipped with facilities. The company’s quality system and measurement system are ISO certified. OMS maintains close cooperation with many universities, which backs the development of new technologies in business. OMS has listed on New OTC market (new Over-the-counter market) since August 2015, and now it is preparing for IPO. Up to November 2018, OMS has owned 258 effective issued patents among which are 147 patents of Invention, 6 international patents declared via PCT, 104 patents of Utility Model and 1 patents of Industrial Design.


R&D Ability

With more than 80 professional engineers, OMS vastly invests in research & development and uses technology and product innovation to further advance our competitive edge.


Manufacturing Ability

OMS has owned 258 effective issued patents among which are 147 patents of Invention, 6 international patents declared via PCT.


Service Ability

Worldwide For You On The Spot. Long-term after-sales product quality tracking, regular door-to-door service to ensure the best interests of customers.


Worldwide Reputation

OMS products with feature of high precision, high efficiency,and have been highly rated for the exquisite design, outstanding performance, and user-friendliness by customers around the world.





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OMS products have been exported to over 35 countries and regions.

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