Shrinkless Tube Expander With Clamping Fixture
OMS Shrinkless tube expander adopts multi-axis numerical control technology to achieve full automation of station conversion, workpiece height adjustment, expansion progress, and cup forming. High degree of automation, easy operation and reliable performance.

Features & Advantages

1. Forced clamping of both ends of the workpiece, and then expanding the tube, the length of the workpiece does not change, no shrinkage and deformation, saving 3 to 5% of raw materials.

2. The rotary table is used to change the position, and the two-stage flaring and tube expansion are completed on one machine at the same time.

3. The tube expansion height, flaring depth, and rotary table positioning are all digitally controlled by servo motors.

We can make the machine according to your requirement

Machine Specification

新强制式胀管机5(水印)-01副本 (2).jpg

新强制式胀管机5-2-01 (2).jpg


强制式胀管机(新)选型-01 (2).jpg


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